CCME @Musculoskeletal Development and Regeneration - Fusion Conference

CCME research prominently featured at the Fusion Conference on Musculoskeletal Development and Regeneration

Dr. Thomas P. Lozito will present his research on "Lizard Tail Skeletal Regeneration Combines Aspects Of Fracture Healing And Blastema-Based Regeneration" which follows up from his recent publication Lizard tail regeneration: regulation of two distinct cartilage regions by Indian hedgehog.

Mr. Mark T. Langhans will present his research on "WDPCP Suppresses Hedgehog Signaling To Facilitate Cartilage Condensation In The Limb Bud"

Prof. Rocky S. Tuan will present the lab efforts on "Stem Cell-Based, Engineered 3-D Osteochondral Microtissues" following up on the recent publications:

Three-dimensional osteochondral microtissue to model pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.

Stem cell-based microphysiological osteochondral system to model tissue response to interleukin-1β.

Three-dimensional osteogenic and chondrogenic systems to model osteochondral physiology and degenerative joint diseases.