CCME Receives NIH Grant to Develop 3D Tissue Chips that Mimic Human Joints

Dr. Rocky Tuan and our team of researchers have been awarded an NIH/NCATS award to develop a micro tissue model of a human articular joint.  The award is a Tissue Chip for Disease Modeling and Efficacy Testing award for their project that will look to engineer a three dimensional joint-on-a-chip called the “microJoint,” to replicate a human joint on a small scale. The microJoint will be used to study and test drugs for the treatment of arthritic joint diseases.  Congratulations to Dr. Tuan and all researchers on their award!

Read the official press release here:

Below: Tissue components of the knee joint (left) modeled by the human microJoint, consisting of tissues housed in individual microbioreactors that are connected (right)

Credit: Rocky Tuan/University of Pittsburgh