Congratulations to Heidi for a great PhD defense

Congratulations to Heidi for her PhD defense.

Heidi's PhD thesis was focused on "Traumatized muscle-deried multipotent progenitor cells: pro-angiogenic activity, promotion of nerve growth,... View »

Dr. Tuan Awarded with Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award

Dr. Rocky Tuan has received the 2015 Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award, Senior Scholar category. This award honors... View »

CCME @Musculoskeletal Development and Regeneration - Fusion Conference

CCME research prominently featured at the Fusion Conference on ... View »

3D model systems go mainstream for drug testing: Rocky Tuan explains

... View »

University of Pittsburgh research team delves into osteoarthritis

Veronica Ulici's work on epigenetics and osteoarthritis, funded by Arthritis Foundation, was mentioned in this Post-Gazette article.

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Stem Cell Printing Could End Osteoarthritis Pain

Our method of 3D printing for cartilage tissue engineering was featured in the news.

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Lizard Inspired Treatment for Arthritis

Thomas Lozito's research in the news! 

From the press release:

 "We have evidence that lizard cells themselves are particularly primed for differentiating into cartilage," Lozito... View »

CCME at the 2014 Arthritis Foundation "Walk to cure arthritis"



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