Hang Lin

Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor



03/01/2010-Present  Postdoc Associate
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Pittsbrugh (Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering)
Supervisor: Professor Rocky Tuan (PhD)
Project: Nanofiber/Hydrogel activation for cartilage regeneration

09/03/2008-02/28/2010  Postdoc visiting fellow
NIAMS, National Institutes of Health
Supervisor: Dr. Kuan Wang
Project: Myotube/Myofiber dedifferentiation research

09/01/2002 – 08/15/2008  Ph.D. in Cell Biology
Institute of genetics and developmental biology, China Academy of Science, Beijing, P.R.China
Supervisor: Professor Jianwu Dai (Ph.D)
Thesis title: Collagen-based functional biomaterials research

09/01/1998 – 07/01/2002  B.S. in Biochemistry
Department of biochemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R.China
Supervisor: Professor Yunhe Zhang (Ph.D)
Thesis title: Phycocyanin separation from Spirulina

Research Interest:

1. Injectable and photocrosslinkable materials for tissue regeneration

2. Extracellular matrix derived from human bone marrow stem cells and its application in scaffold activation

3. Live cell-scaffold fabrication using visible light-based projection stereolithography

4. In vitro engineering of osteochondral tissue

My scientific interests focus on the application of stem cells and scaffolds in tissue engineering repair. I am particularly interested in scaffolds fabrication and activation to enhance stem cells bioactivity for tissue regeneration. I have compared the chondrogenesis of human adipose derived stem cells and human bone marrow derived stem cells in different hydrogels. Cells in the gelatin, made via visible light-activated photocrosslinking, show high viability and proliferation. The results also showed that gelatin promoted best chondrogenesis revealed by real time PCR and biochemical assay. I have also developed a visible light based projection stereolithography (VL-PSL) method to fabricate live cell-laden hydrogel scaffolds with customized geometry and internal architectures. By this technology, human adipose derived stem cells had successfully incorporated within poly ethyl glycol (PEG) and gelatin hydrogels with high cell viability. To enhance the bioactivity of scaffolds, I extracted and dissolved bone marrow derived stem cell secreted extracellular matrix(M-ECM) by a two-step process, and results showed urea extracted ECM components promoted stem cell proliferate, migration and multi-lineage differentiation when coated on tissue culture plastic. I have also optimized fabrication methods in preparing scaffolds with same ligand density but different stiffness. By these scaffolds, stem cell behavior and pathway responding to substrate mechanical property will be explored. In addition, I involved into the micro-osteochondral engineering in vitro by employing a novel bio-reactor system which is able to separate chondrogenic and osteogenic culture.



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