Yuanheng (Eddie) Yang

Visiting student
Visiting student



2009-present, Medical student in Xiangya medical college, Central South University, Changsha, China

2015-present, visiting scholar in University of Pittsburgh, Supervisor: Dr Rocky Tuan

Research interest

Focal cartilage defect is a common cause of Osteoarthritis. Currently the clinical treatments are not generating satisfactory outcomes concerning long time needed to generate enough cells, loss of native cell phenotype during expansion, fibrous cartilage formation and immune response. I am now involved in a project that is trying to develop a scaffold free, chondrocytes based strategy that target these shortcomings specifically. We use MSC derived ECM to culture chondrocytes, which may generate more cells during a shorter period of time and at the same time, we could use the chondrocytes impregnated ECM as a way to fill the defect without using any foreign material.